In winter we invite you near to our cozy fireplace to enjoy the most traditional recipes that have the sweet smell of our village!!

Some of our plates are:

Ladorigani: Goat or lamb with olive oil and oregano from our mountains, roasted in our traditional woodburning oven

Stefado: Wild boar stew

Giouvetsi: small pieces of beef cooked with tomato sauce and pasta.

Souvlas: Lamb, goat, pork on the spit

Kontosouvli: Large pieces of pork on the spit.

Pita: Traditional pies with our homemade phyllo stuffed with leek or squash, feta cheese, fresh eggs.

In summer we invite you to our blooming yard under the trees to enjoy our fresh salads and many others such as:

Fasolakia: fresh green beans cooked in tomato sauce.

Imam: roasted eggplants in the oven with tomato sauce, garlic and onion.

Gemista: Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice.

Pita ,that never missing from our table no matter the season.

Pestrofa: Grilled or fried fresh trout

And all kind of meat cooked or grilled like old times!!